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You don’t have to look far before you’ll notice signs of the American Revolution in Guilford County. In fact, they’re on almost every street corner! Streets like Independence, Liberty, Colonial, Greene, Cornwallis, Battleground, as well as the city of Greensboro, all take their names from the historic Battle of Guilford Courthouse that took place on March 15, 1781. Thanks to the Guilford Battleground Company (GBC), the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park was established on the actual battle site, preserving an important piece of American heritage.

We invite you to join the GBC – the not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving these two parks and telling the story of the sacrifices made by colonial men and women who fought for our freedom.

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The Guilford Battleground Company has supported the GCNMP by:

  • Financial support for Annual Reenactment
  • Saving the Hoskin’s House  (From Shopping Center Development)
  • Creation of Tannenbaum Park
  • Building of the Colonial Heritage Center
  • Land acquisition to protect Park boundaries
  • Archaeological digs
  • Produced visitor center movie
  • Refurbished exhibits in visitor center
  • Fund interns to assist Park operations and projects
  • Installed and dedicated the Crown Forces Monument
  • Funded publishing a book on monuments in the Park
  • Raised money to refurbish all exhibits in the Colonial Heritage Center
  • Purchased period furniture for the Hoskin’s  House
  • Provide fund for Park activities such as General Greene’s Birthday, clean up and work project days and special events.
  • Merging with the NPS support group to form a new GBC

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Please select a Level from the choices below and click Join The Patriots. Your annual membership fee will be processed at PayPal and then you will be directed back to our site.