Land Purchase

One of the unique projects of the Guilford Battleground Company is the on-going purchase of land around Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and Tannenbaum Historic Park. All of this land is within the area where the Battle of Guilford Courthouse was fought, and is therefore significant to the preservation and interpretation of the historic event which took place here.

The Guilford Battleground Company is currently purchasing plots of land in two areas, along Green Acres Lane and British Lake Drive, situated by the two parks. After federal funding for purchase is approved, the GBC sells these plots of land to the National Park Service, which acquires the plots on behalf of Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. The GBC incurs the interest costs on the properties until the NPS can purchase them.

The Guilford Battleground Company is working closely with members of these communities to ensure that homes are purchased at fair-market value. The GBC appreciates the willingness of the residents to assist with broadening the scope of the two parks.

As of the end of 2009, 11.5 acres have been added to the park. The GBC is currently holding 7.5 acres until the Park Service has funds approved to buy this acreage. There are 9.5 acres remaining to be purchased to complete this significant project. Most of this land lies in the area of the First Line of battle. The total cost of this undertaking of the GBC will be approximately five million dollars.

Our partners who have provided significant assistance in this endeavor are listed below. If you are interested in supporting this particular project, please send your contribution to the GBC and indicate that it is for the Land Purchase Project.